SAMZON pallet changer

SAMZON A/S stands for high-quality Danish design

SAMZON has been developing and constructing innovative pallet changers for various industries for years.

Why is it worth choosing SAMZON products?

  • Work efficiency and, above all, ergonomics, are the key words in which lifting loads is part of the processes in your company, which is why SAMZON A/S machines can help in these processes.
  • Many years of experience with lifting devices, both for the printing industry and other industries. This makes us skilled in offering individual advice so that you can get the right solution for your business.
  • SAMZON A/S offers stationary and mobile paper stack changers, manual, semi-automatic, automatic or inline models, with or without the option of blowing or vibration.
  • The SAMZON A/S pallet changer is a good solution when there is a need to replace pallets in production, where legal regulations prohibit bringing external pallets into production areas, e.g. in the food or pharmaceutical industry.
  • SAMZON A/S has supplied and installed solutions for companies that exchange up to 150 pallets per day, we can provide machines manufactured to work in all environments made of various materials: STAINLESS STAINLESS – GALVANIZED – PAINTED.
  • Fast delivery times.

SAMZON Pallet Changer

SAMZON Pile Turner

It is a stationary machine used to replace the pallet under the product. This model is often used in the paper industry.

SAMZON Pallet Inverter

It is a stationary machine used to replace the pallet under the product.

SAMZON Mobile Pallet Turner

SAMZON mobile pallet changer. It’s there when you need it.



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