Why Camera Monitor Systems

The size of commercial vehicles and machines mean vehicle blind spots are a major factor in collisions across all industries. Operator positions, bodywork, absent rear windows and bulkheads create further restrictions and can greatly limit driver visibility, making collisions even more likely. The significant financial cost of vehicle and property damage is magnified by associated costs such as downtime, but even greater are the corporate and emotional costs when there is personal injury.

Brigade’s camera monitor systems enable drivers and operators to manoeuvre and drive safely. Vehicle-mounted CCTV cameras can help the driver to see blind spots and offer a reversing aid by delivering a live feed on the monitor of everything in the camera view, including people or obstacles.

Our camera systems meet a host of health and safety and legislative requirements. Designed to assist both driver and vulnerable road users, they can eliminate blind spots, to prevent costly vehicle damage and, more importantly, save lives.

Brigade understands the many and complex safety issues of mobile applications, resulting in a flexible product range offering safety solutions for vehicles and plant. Whether you are operating on- or off-road, vehicle or machine, large or small, we can help.

We strongly believe in a complementary range of passive and active systems to warn and assist the driver whilst protecting workers, pedestrians and cyclists. Not only this, our systems help increase efficiency and decrease vehicle downtime, saving a lot of money.

  • Reduce blind spots,
  • Prevent accidents,
  • Can help reduce insurance premiums,
  • Improvement over standard mirrors,
  • Meets health and Safety requirements,
  • Compatible with recorders and other visual systems,
  • Provide irrefutable evidence in the case of accidents and legal proceedings,
  • Prevent false insurance claims,
  • Peace of mind for company owners, drivers, passengers and operators.

We offer friendly advice and support regardless of whether you are an existing customer or new to vehicle safety systems. Whatever your safety requirements or problem, we can help.

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