GenieGrips® forklift safety products are high quality, durable, products for forklifts that provide safe, secure and stable movement of loads.
We understand the importance of forklift safety in the workplace.
To help minimise the risk of forklift loads slipping off tynes or becoming unstable during transport, our team of specialists developed the GenieGrips® range of products. We know first hand that using GenieGrips® provides a safe, secure and efficient way to move forklift loads, minimising the risk of damage to your product and injury to your people.
GenieGrips® Mats have been specifically designed for exceptional grip and load stability. They are constructed from a carefully selected rubber compound that is incredibly strong, non-marking and oil resistant.
GenieGrips® Caps are constructed of bright, high-visibility yellow compound rubber bonded to a reinforced steel frame, making them easy to see during the day or night to ensuring safety at all times.

GenieGrips® Cushions function as a bumper that magnetize to the forklift tyne carriage.
The GenieGrips® Cushions eliminate friction and absorb impact of goods that may occur during lifting, loading and placing of loads. They are extremely easy to fit, with 3 powerful magnets securing them on the forklift tyne carriage. GenieGrips® Cushions are specifically designed to be paired with our GenieGrips® Mats or GenieGrips® Caps to provide full forklift tyne protection!
GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors for forklifts eliminate critical blind spots in the
drivers vision and give a clear view of the tynes, reducing accidents, injury
and damage to goods.

  • For use in confined spaces
  • Fits within forklift footprint
  • Sight tynes, with compressed forward view
  • Suitable for forklifts 1 to 2 tons


  • For use in open areas with high traffic
  • May extend beyond forklift footprint
  • Sight tynes, with panoramic forward view
  • Suitable for forklifts of 2.5 to 12 tons

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