Our Forklift Scales make it possible to lift, weigh, move and record pallets and loads in one operation.

Tesmatic offers a wide range of weighing solutions for hydraulic lifting devices such as forklifts, stackers and pallet trucks. The system also works on wheel loaders and front loaders. Fully adjustable, does not affect hydraulic lifting performance and improves site safety. These solutions have been developed to satisfy logistic requirements in many industries and applications including: Warehouses and freight terminals, Production areas, Food & Pharmaceutical Areas, Distribution Centres & Recycling industry.

LoadMatic is a combined weighing system and overload guard that provides fast weighing and immediate overload protection directly on the forklift before the damage is made.
The mobile weighing system is an excellent tool for fast load checks. The system minimizes the forklift traffic, the time and energy consumption plus the collision risks with personnel.
The integrated overload bar and alarm keeps the driver informed about the load relation to the forklift overload limit and the electric relay, that can activate an overload action on the forklift, prevents dangerous situations.

SafeMatic provides an integrated full mast overload protection that will warn the operator every time the forklift is overloaded. The system both executes a visible and audible overload warning, and can be configurated to activate an overload action on the forklift like an automatic lowering of the forks, preventing the lifting unit from driving with overload or a speed reduction.


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