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The clamps are delivered with or without side shift, as well as equipped with a 360-degree rotation function, as well as a limited rotation range to 180 degrees.

The PGK type fork clamps are a practical solution, which, apart from the function of clamping between forks, allows for classic transport of pallets and other loads on forks.
Within one device, 2 separate functions are avaliable.

Special fork slip-on arms can be added to forks, which will further extend the functionality of these devices e.g. fork clamp with bale arms or stone slip-on arms.

Durwen DGE pallet inverter equipped with 2 pairs of forks, opening and closing parallel to each other, grips the load on sides. The third pair of forks, which slides under the load, provides additional protection during rotation. The device is used in the agricultural industry, handling pallet boxes, as well as in the food industry, as well as in metallurgy and many other places.

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